Wednesday, December 14, 2016

5. Insomnia

It never gets easier seeing a body that was once inhabited by a soul. It had been two weeks since the murder mystery party, but Eadon was still shaken up by it. Sleep had become nonexistent which had made Eadon’s whole world feel like it was simultaneously moving slowing but quickly with every dose of caffeine she pumped into her body.

The police hadn’t yet solved the murder, leaving residents of Winthrop Place feeling on edge. However, winter break had arrived and provided itself as a distraction for everyone to forget their troubles and step into the holiday spirit.

Eadon, unlike other civilians, had chosen to hole herself up in her room; she couldn’t get herself excited for Christmas. She just felt empty.

After three long, insomniac weeks, Eadon finally fell into a deep sleep on Christmas Eve. She didn’t wake up until the day after Christmas to the sound of a fire crackling. Her body felt stiff and whatever she was lying on felt hard. She peeled her eyes open and was startled to find three of pairs of eyes staring back at her belonging to faces that seemed to be roughly the same age as herself. Unsure of what to do and where exactly she was, Eadon remained where she layed on what she assumed was a cavern’s floor. She assessed the space and saw unwrapped godiva chocolates were scattered throughout as well as backpacks full of who knows what and rations of food.

Eadon heard a throat clear and she glanced back at the staring eyes. A boy, who must have made the sound and could have been no more than sixteen or seventeen, spoke.

“Rise and shine sleeping beauty, it’s nice to see you’re finally awake. We need to talk.”

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