Tuesday, January 24, 2017

6. Coorperation

"Wha-who are you?"

"Well, Eadon, until we're certain you're who we think you are, the answer to your question is classified."

"Look. I don't know what freaky cult you guys are in, but this is definitely kidnapping and you need to let me leave because I know my mom is worried about where I am."

"Trust me, she's not." Eadon turned to look at who owned the new voice. A girl with short, choppy black hair who was maybe a year younger than Eadon matched her gaze. Her certainty scared Eadon. Did her mom really not care about where she was?

"Cut it." Eadon looked back at the boy. "To prove if you're who we hope you are, you have to go visit Mab at Ikea."

"Who now? And who's to say I'm going to corporate?"

"You'll corporate," the girl practically sneered at Eadon. "Trust me."


One minute Eadon was in the cavern but in the next, she was alone and blinded by white. After a moment of adjusting to the new light Eadon took in her new surroundings. The ceiling of the building was high and everything was a clean white giving it a pristine look. Eadon realized she was in Ikea.

I have to find Mab. 

Eadon had yet to visit the town's Ikea, she hadn't a clue where she was going but was following some odd gut feeling that told her which lefts and rights to turn.


Eadon had never seen this person in her life, but she knew this was who she was looking for.


They turned from whatever they were cooking on one of the Ikea model stoves.

Where you allowed to do that? Eadon wondered.

Mab was slightly startling upon first glance. They had thick makeup on and wore concealing clothes and gave Eadon a thin, toothless smile.

"I think I'm supposed to find you ... but I'm not sure why."

"Tell them that you're who they seek."

"That's it? I feel like I should've gotten more than that like some sort of prophecy that had multiple meanings."

Mab just stared at Eadon.

"You are who they seek. That is all. Why add complexity to simplicity?"

Before Eadon could think of a clever response her surroundings disappeared once again.