Wednesday, May 3, 2017

8. Why Here

A collective murmur of voices was the first sound Eadon heard. Once the white light had cleared and her eyes had adjusted, she found that she and her friends were crammed in a bathtub display shower.

“Where the hell…” Mary glared at the small confinements, annoyed to have to be sharing a tight space with three other people.

The group clumsily made their way out of the shower.

“Why are we in Ikea?” Eadon asked looking over at J.C hoping for the answer.

“Don’t look at me, I have no idea. I don’t control where we go I just help us get there; and apparently where we need to be is… Ikea?”

“I heard that they were having a massive sale on doorknobs and lampshades. Apparently Bobo the clown is supposed to be here, too. It looks like everyone in town came,” Elijah said as the group scoped the scene; their eyes sweeping over familiar faces.

“Huh… alright then. Let’s walk around and see who or what we need to find,” J.C took the lead and everyone followed closely behind.

Just as the group started to immerse themselves into the depths of Ikea, the power went off. Shrieks of surprise are let out all around them and the loud locks of doors enclosing the shoppers send fear into people’s hearts.

“Well. Looks like we figured out why we were sent here,” Mary sighed with a touch of annoyance in her voice.